We have an ongoing commitment to research into the process of communications, public relations and government affairs that makes us equal to, or in some areas ahead of, any similar firm worldwide. Our research comes from the work we do and have done with clients and our own original research.

Our research topics include:

Reputation: Does it really matter? What does objective analysis tell us about financial and share price performance.

The new CEO: Why the first 100 days is a key determinant of success.

Mergers: Apart from paying too much, what really makes takeovers fail.

The myths of internal communication: Applying science and hard won experience to lifting productivity.

Corporate branding: The real source of shareholder value. Why so much of what you spend on doing good is a waste of money and time.

The Banking Royal Commission: what went wrong?: What went wrong for the companies that faced the Hayne Royal Commission? Based on an extensive independent review, this presentation details the lessons from the most scrutinised of all Australia’s Royal Commissions. Learn why the strategy of most companies was fundamentally flawed, the important role the media plays, how to develop a strategy and what your company can do to pragmatically minimise the damage.

For more information on our research or a copy of our studies, contact us at sydney@jcp.com.au