Today the reputation of a company and its leadership is defined by events. Environmental issues, natural disasters, profit downgrades, regulatory challenges, sexual harassment allegations, media exposures, technology breakdowns, layoffs and shutdowns, cyber attacks, large scale litigation, Royal Commissions and government inquiries focus both external and internal stakeholders on how management responds. The impact on a company’s share price and reputation is often immediate. The impact is across investors, customers, governments, suppliers, employees, communities, NGOs; and it’s global.

For over 30 years we have successfully helped chairmen, boards and senior management deal with some of the world’s most difficult issues in Australia, Asia, North America and Europe. We are on call to work with clients 24 hours a day. Using a combination of experience, evidence-based strategies and proprietary technology, we work as part of a team to quickly limit the impacts while taking a pragmatic long-term approach.


Our experience includes:

  • Global advice on sensitive issues involving the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Department of Justice and similar institutions.
  • Global advice, strategy development, direction and coordination for the Governing Bodies of International Tennis (ATP, WTA, ITF and the Grand Slam Board) and the Tennis Integrity Board - including establishing the Independent Review Panel in London for the review into the Integrity of Tennis, preparation for the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee in the UK and chairing the subcommittee delegated to manage all aspects of the issue.
  • Strategy development and coordination of the successful resources industry campaign against the Australian government’s proposed super resource tax and  a successful campaign against a state based gold tax.
  • Advice to the boards of major publicly listed companies where sexual harassment charges were brought against chief executives; including stakeholder communications, support during litigation and resolution of multi-million dollar claims.
  • Advice and stakeholder communications strategy for major Australian companies for breaches of international laws and subsequent international investigations, inquiries and sanctions impacting customer and investor relationships, and business reputation.
  • Litigation support in the longest-running civil case in Australia’s history involving a multi-billion dollar claim against a syndicate of 20 local and international banks.
  • Advice to one of the world’s largest shipping organisations following the death of a passenger in suspicious circumstances. The case captured international media attention and our work included implementing an 18-month program that supported the company through a coronial inquiry, litigation by relatives and ultimately oversaw changes in the governance, personnel, policies and practices of the company internationally.
  • Managing stakeholder relations and litigation support in a multi-billion dollar action against one of Australia’s leading financial institutions, whose market capitalisation at the time was less than the claim.
  • Media and communications support, on behalf of an American corporation, for Australian families who lost family members due to violence against the company’s operations in Papua.
  • Release of large abnormal losses and ongoing trading losses.
  • Managing the communication response of a major resources company to the jailing of five executives in Indonesia for environmental crimes including coordinating government and embassy interaction across three countries, providing litigation communication support throughout the nine-month trial, upgrading and developing action plans to address community concerns, implementing media, NGO and international communication programs to raise the profile of the case.
  • Leading the response to the collapse of a major infrastructure project in Australia’s most populated city including media and investor communications, overseeing response to local residents, liaising with local, state and federal governments and implementing the recovery plan to rebuild the company’s reputation.
  • Advice to three of Australia’s leading professional services firms in relation to significant fraud and impropriety allegations affecting client confidence.
  • Global advice on the merging of the world’s largest mining companies, including Australian state and federal government negotiations; and advice on the subsequent restructuring of the Australian operations, including global financial relations and Australian state and federal government relations.
  • Takeovers in the mining, retail, financial services and agriculture industries in Australia, New Zealand, the US, Indonesia, Asia and the Middle East.
  • Working as part of a team including law firms, industrial relations advisors and client on major industrial relations issues encompassing plant closures, relocations, restructurings, layoffs and changes to work practices.
  • Internal and external strategy, management and implementation for the commercialisation, privatisation and float of government owned enterprises. Advice on government, union, staff and financial market relations.
  • Mitigation of the impact of environmental and community groups, including legal action, on the operations of major resource companies.
  • Advice to one of Australia’s largest companies on major NSW environmental issues affecting mobilized communities, unions and governments and carrying significant financial implications for the company.
  • Advice and implementation of media and communication campaigns in the food, food distribution, pharmaceutical and electrical appliance industries to address extortion attempts, contamination threats, recalls and individual campaigns impacting on corporate reputation, brand and market sentiment.
  • Crisis management strategy, systems, training and implementation for the world’s largest shipping companies, two of the world’s largest energy companies and a major industrial firm.
  • Global advice on human rights and related issues for a US based multinational consumer goods company.
  • Advice on the settlement of issues and ongoing relationships with local communities in countries including Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and the United States.
  • Difficult annual and extraordinary general meetings.