Our relationship with each of our clients is characterised not by the nature of the client’s business but by a broad view of their strategic objectives. In virtually all cases, our relationship is with the chief executive and the chairman.


The firm’s approach to serving clients is based on five fundamental principles that distinguish us from other firms:

  1. An absolute dedication and commitment to clients and to building long-term relationships with our clients. The average length of our client relationships is 15 years.
  2. A reputation for preserving the confidentiality of clients and clients’ information.
  3. An absolute commitment to providing superior advice that helps our clients successfully deal with major problems and opportunities.
  4. An absolute commitment to doing only work that has real value to our clients.
  5. An on-going commitment to research into the process of public relations and government affairs that makes us equal to, or in some areas ahead of, any similar firm worldwide.

We are structured as a partnership with our partners having real ownership and therefore commitment to the long-term success of our firm and our clients.